Garonne - Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Accessories & Parts Trading

As China's car manufacturing continues to grow and play an more and more part in the global market, the opportunities in auto parts and supplies have also been more promising. At Garonne trading company, we recognize the potential and efficiency that China offers as an ideal option for companies looking to outsource auto product manufacturing. Our mission is to connect you with the abundant opportunities this market presents while simplifying the process and overcoming the challenges of dealing with local Chinese suppliers.

Hong Kong boasts a business-friendly environment, low taxes, the rule of law, free economy, modern infrastructure, and wealth of talent.

Navigating the cultural barriers and managing the sourcing process in China can be a daunting task for foreign importers. Setting up a sourcing office in China might not be the most economical solution for all businesses. That's where we step in. Our dynamic new start-up is dedicated to providing top-notch trading services, enabling you to tap into the vast network of Chinese suppliers and OEMs without the burden of cultural transformation and complex management processes.